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Tree Removal Services in Richmond, VA

At RVA Roof and Tree, we understand the significance of using various methods of treatment or removal for different tree types. We are a team of qualified and experienced experts in various types of tree services in Richmond, VA. We also make sure to clean up after tree services in Richmond so that you can enjoy peace of mind during and after services.

Our Tree Services in Richmond

We offer a wide range of tree services in Richmond. You can conveniently schedule your tree services by contacting our experts at (804) 430-9955.

1. Tree Removal

From diseased tree removal to tree cutting in Richmond, we can handle everything with utmost professionalism and care. We offer damaged, hazardous, diseased, and broken tree removal services in Richmond, VA.

2. Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees regularly can extend their lifespan and substantially boost their overall growth. With years of experience in dealing with different kinds of trees, we ensure to take all safety precautions before performing tree cutting services in Richmond, VA.

3. Tree Pruning

Besides offering preventive measures, we offer a variety of Richmond tree services like tree pruning to help enhance the appearance of your outdoor areas. Our experienced professionals will make sure to carefully remove unhealthy or broken limbs from your garden or lawn.

4. Tree Stumping

Tree stumps can create major issues and give rise to potential life-threatening problems. With our stump grinding in Richmond, VA services, you can enjoy a clean slate for future landscape designs on your property.  To book our tree stump removal Richmond, VA services today, you can email or contact us at (840) 430-9955.

5. Tree Storm Support

Storm tree damage can be chaotic and dangerous. You should avoid dealing with this n your own by calling our experts. Our trained professionals will be sure to seamlessly handle your concerns and offer the best tree removal services in Richmond, VA.

Tree Removal Services in Richmond

Reason for Tree Removal

As a homeowner, you always want to protect your family members from any kind of dangerous and life-threatening problems, especially during uncertain times. Unkempt and broken trees can give rise to hazardous problems for your family and surrounding areas. If a tree is situated precariously in front of your property, then it becomes more important than ever to hire tree removal services in Richmond, VA. 

Dealing with property damages caused by poorly maintained trees can be quite an expensive and overwhelming process. Tree removal Richmond, VA services can help you reduce the risk of property damage and enhance the appearance of your property. If you are planning to sell your property, tree removal in Richmond, VA is a way to increase your property value.

Tree removal in Richmond, VA is an ideal solution for treating severely damaged, dead, diseased, and bug-infested trees.

Why RVA Roof and Tree?

With years of experience in this industry, we have established a reputation for high-quality and the most reliable tree services across Richmond, VA. We pride ourselves in offering all of our tree services at affordable and competitive prices. Our customer support handles any customer grievances with the utmost professionalism and is highly attentive to their concerns.

We are committed to earning your trust with our quick and affordable tree removal Richmond, VA services. Connect with our team today to learn more.


1. How much does tree removal cost in Richmond, VA?

Depending on the condition of your trees, the number of trees to be treated, and the types of services needed, the price can vary from one customer to another. For a free quote for our tree removal Richmond, VA services, contact us @ (840) 430-9955 today.

2. Do you need a permit to cut down a tree in Richmond, VA?

Homeowners are permitted to cut or remove trees on their personal property. However, you will likely need permission to remove trees that reside in a historic district.


Visit our website to learn more about our new Richmond tree services or stump removal in Richmond, VA or contact us at (840) 430-9955 to speak to one of our experts and book an appointment today!

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