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Storm Damage Repair in Richmond, VA

storm damage repair

Don’t Deal with Richmond Storm Damage Alone

Losing sleep about Richmond storm damage? It is true- seasonal storms can cause chaos and damage your most important investment: your home. Worry less and get a good night’s sleep with the professional assistance in storm damage repair in Richmond VA with RVA Roof and Tree. Storm damages are unpredictable. We specialize in storm damage repairs and offer a wide range of services to safely get your property restored. Although we can’t control it, we can make your Richmond storm damage repair a little bit easier. We are happy to come and clean up the aftermath of mother nature’s havoc, but we also want to provide you with effective ways of preventing the damage in the first place. From tree trimming to cleaning up the mess and debris, you can rely on RVA Roof and Tree to get the job done and keep your property safer when a storm strikes.

Serious Storm Risks and Repercussions

RVA Roof and Tree can handle all of your emergency storm damage repairs. We understand that storm damage is unexpected. Most of the damage incurred during storms in Central Virginia occur because of falling limbs and branches; high winds and driving rain can send your trees flying into your neighbor’s backyard. Storm damage can affect not just the look of your windows, but your home also. Other repercussions can be power outages, property damages, and bodily injury. Add to this catastrophe an infected or diseased tree, and you could have a recipe for disaster. These vulnerable trees may fall prey to storm conditions and cause devastating destruction and expense. Tree trimming and tree cutting services in Richmond VA can make the difference between weathering the storm without damage or potentially dealing with a disaster.

Storm Damage Repair Services in Richmond, VA

You can do storm damage repair in Richmond VA by yourself if you have some experience. At RVA Roof and Tree, we offer a whole host of services that help to protect your property during the Richmond storm damage and environmental events, like hurricanes. Some of the services that we provide to assist you during Central Virginia or Richmond storm damage include:

When it comes to storm damage repair in Richmond VA, don’t trust your property to just anyone; storm damage caused by weather conditions requires the skills of the experienced roof and tree professionals- preferably those with expertise dealing with the severe storms in Central Virginia. We want your business; consider our reputation and check out the feedback provided online by our satisfied clientele to find out more about us.

Before the Storm, call us to help.

We can help before the storm damage with tree trimming, removal, and maintenance that can prevent these circumstances. Keeping trees pruned is the first step toward eliminating the expense of property damage that central VA storms can bring. When Storm Damage Richmond strikes your house, take action immediately! Don’t delay, Your quick actions are critical to minimize your loss. Trust Rva Roof and Tree to take care of any wind, rain, hurricane, or ice storm damage repair. Call us today to schedule your no-obligation estimate and price quote. We look forward to helping your home weather the next storm in Central VA!

Storm Damage FAQ’s

The signs of storm damage are; cracked siding, broken windows, missing shingles from the ground, and hail damage. Hail damages can be hard to point out from lower elevations but easier if you know their key signs. Take a look at your roof after the storm. If you see that your roof has been mildly or severely damaged, immediately contact us for storm damage repair.
Damages often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. The initial storm or wind damage to a roof can be hard to detect, but the more you stretch, the harder it gets and the clean-up gets expensive too. So, you should immediately contact us for a roof inspection. And we will uncover even the minutest problems with your roof.
Insurance companies require homeowners to file an insurance claim for the roof storm damage. For this, it is highly recommended to contact a professional to know about the formalities. We’ve helped multiple families deal with their insurance companies to get the compensation needed for a proper repair or replacement, or even tree removal.
In the majority of cases, you have one year from the date when the storm hits, but policies are different in some places. You might just get six months from the date of storm damage. To avoid such problems, contact a roofing contractor ASAP to get guidance regarding the insurance claims.
The insurance company must acknowledge and respond within 14 days ● They might investigate your claim within 10 days of receiving your proof of loss submission ● They have up to 9-10 days to approve or deny your claim The homes with major losses are prioritized first over those who have just lost some shingles due to wind or have suffered minor losses. However, if the deadlines have passed and you do not receive any verifications from their side, you may schedule a consultation with a property damage attorney or public claims adjuster.
You can file an insurance claim for storm damage roof repair yourself, but you should consult an expert. Our team is experienced enough to even guide you with the terms and conditions of insurance policies. Although we’re not legal representation, we can certainly help you with dealing with an insurance company to get the compensation needed for a proper fix or replacement. You don’t want to be shortchanged and pulling money out of savings to repair your house from a storm. It is best to take advantage of that and acquire the best settlement possible for such unfortunate circumstances.
For a good storm damage restoration, make sure that you get in touch with well-experienced professionals. If you think that doing it yourself will save you money, then you are wrong, it might end up making things worse. Most homeowners lack the safety knowledge and in-depth roofing expertise to perform work properly which can make matters worse. We will conduct a roof inspection and provide you with a feasible solution. If you think your roof can use some repair or if you want to replace it altogether, make sure to get in touch with us and we will address your concerns.
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