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Roof Replacement & Repair in Richmond, VA

roof replacement

Is it time to repair or replace your roof? Call us at RVA Roof and Tree for roof services and repair in Richmond VA.

Your roof is the home’s first line of defense against nature and the elements. If your roof was damaged during a storm in Central Virginia, don’t worry. Call us at RVA Roof and Tree for fast, fair service and quality work. Customers have been trusting us with their tree and roof needs, including roof repair in Richmond, VA, for over 32 years.

A new roof is a big deal. At RVA Roof and Tree, we understand that and don’t take the decision lightly. We work directly with insurers to get you the coverage that you deserve- without the added headache that negotiating with roof replacement insurance companies can cause. Our roofing contractors in VA want to help and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, while also protecting you, your loved ones, and your property against the elements. Our goal is your satisfaction. We want you to be 100% convenient with your new roof replacement or roof repair.

Roof Repairs Service at Richmond VA homes

Storms can wreak havoc and cause hassles for homeowners across the state. Broken branches, wind, rain, and hail can all take a toll on the structural integrity of your home’s roof. When your roof is damaged, it takes no time for moisture and debris to find their way into your home, causing damage, bacteria, and health risks. RVA Roof and Tree is skilled in providing the best roofing repair service no matter if you need to fix a small puncture in your roof or if you need a roof repair or a full roof replacement in Richmond, VA. Call for prompt roof repairs and prevent the repercussions that a shoddy roof can have on your overall property investment.

When it is time for roof replacement?

Sometimes, repairing a roof is like putting a band-aid on the problem; it could be time for a new roof. Also, a new roof can make the home much more energy-efficient, reducing the cost of utility month after month. Add to this the improved curb appeal and aesthetics of a new roof- it really is a win-win situation. RVA Roof and Tree provides a high-quality roof replacement and roof repair in the Richmond, VA and surrounding area.

Some signs that it could be time to replace your roof include:

  • The roof’s surface is covered with mold, mildew, or moss.
  • There are shingles missing, or the condition of the shingles is poor (i.e. the shingles are shedding asphalt granules).
  • You are frequently making repairs to the roof. It could be time to cut your losses and replace the roof.
  • How old is your roof? If the roof is more than 20 years old, it could be time to consider replacing it.

If you need help filing a claim with your insurance carrier for your home’s roof, let us know. We can get started immediately, removing and replacing the roof without delay. We know that time is important when it comes to leaving your home unprotected by a solid and sturdy roof; contact us today if you have any questions about your roof repair, do not hesitate to give us a call to schedule your roof replacement in Richmond, VA.

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