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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Roof is Damaged

roof damage

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It provides you and everything inside your home shelter against rain, extreme weather, and other environmental conditions. Additionally, it is also designed to be durable enough to last for quite a few years. However, regardless of how sturdy your roof can be, it will eventually suffer wear and tear leading to a few roof damages. Taking care of the roof is one of the most important tasks as a homeowner. People often neglect the maintenance of the roof because that particular part of the home is out of sight, it often slips your mind to pay attention to its health and sometimes out of mind to approach.

Roof inspection and maintenance involve various intricacies. This is why you need a highly experienced professional to ensure that they leave no stones unturned when it comes to roof inspection and repair. Experts like ourselves will arrive fully equipped at your doorstep and conduct an inspection to figure out the particular spots on your roof that require attention. Detecting the problem at an early stage will help you save the structural integrity of your roof.

From major cracking to damaged shingles, clogged gutters to small leaks, roofs suffer from several common ailments that demand immediate attention. To help you out, we have listed the top ten most frequent reasons that will force you to call a roof repair service.

A word of advice? Since roof replacement and repairs can be quite dangerous, don’t try to perform any DIY job. Instead, call a professional roof repair company like RVA Roof and Tree to get the roofing job done right.

1. Missing or Damaged Shingles

When it comes to the integrity of your roof, every shingle counts. However, shingles can sometimes go missing due to various issues such as during heavy rain, wind, or hail storms or as a result of falling tree damages or debris. So, will your roof start to leak with just one missing shingle? Maybe. Just because you lose a shingle or two doesn’t mean water will immediately start dripping from your ceiling. However, a missing shingle could cause several issues over time if the remaining shingles deteriorate from exposure to water, wind, and sunlight. One of the major reasons why it is important to fix a roofing leak right away is because it can lead to extreme damage inside your homes, such as the attic, crawlspace, ceilings, and insulation. To avoid water damage in your home, replace missing shingles as soon as possible.

2. Damaged Flashing

Flashing directs rainwater and other precipitation away from the roof and into gutters or off the roof. There are several areas of your roof that are prone to leaks. These areas are generally where water collects, such as valleys where two roof slopes meet. To avoid future roof leaks, flashing is installed almost anywhere a roof joins another structure. When flashing is damaged or deteriorating, the risk of roof leaks increases greatly. Such leaks can have a cascading effect on homes, causing massive amounts of damage that are beyond the roof. If a leak is not noticed and fixed immediately, a home can experience water damage.

3. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most common roofing problems facing homeowners. Most commonly, roof leaks can occur:

      • Near the chimney
      • Under damaged shingles
      • At flashing points
      • Around gutters
      • At skylights
      • Close to vents and pipes
      • In low spots or valleys

If you see any signs of a leak, including discolored ceilings or damp walls, contact RVA Roof and Tree for an inspection from our roof repair specialists.

4. Pest Damage

The presence of pests can make your roof even more vulnerable to water damage. If you find evidence of a pest infestation in your roof, it is important to act quickly and get professional assistance in removing it. Making repairs while the underlying problem exists is a total waste of money.

5. Bad Gutter System

A poor gutter system can hinder the direction of the flow of water on your roof. This eventually leads to flooding or water penetration in your home. Therefore, it is crucial to check your gutter system, especially before the storm.

6. Ice, Snow, and Storm Damage

Snow can cause havoc in your home, especially on your roof. If the shingles are loosely installed, water may seep through them. When water freezes over, it can push the shingles and flashes up creating more gaps.

7. Roof Shrinkage

When a roofing material shrinks, it can lead to several other difficulties, such as deterioration, cracking, and the pulling apart of some critical roofing components like flashing. Shrinkage particularly affects roofs covered with EPDM (a synthetic rubber membrane) and other roof coverings.

8. Tree Damage

A roof can also be damaged by a falling tree. Even a tree branch rubbing on your roof can affect it. You can either take up the job of trimming the trees yourself or contact a roofing contractor.

9. Poor Ventilation

Poor roof ventilation will not just cause a significant increase in your energy bill, but it also lowers the life expectancy of your roof. If your roof has bad ventilation, heat from the inside can escape, or cause snow from melting and freezing again and again, leading to roof damage.

10. Poor Maintenance

If your roof is not inspected regularly, any minor issues can worsen, leading to more costly damage. Therefore, always remember your roof’s routine maintenance.

If you are too busy to check your roof by yourself, you can call us anytime. Our technicians will be more than happy to do the inspection and maintenance of your roof. For more information about how a full roof repair service can help, or if you would like to book a roofing service in Richmond, VA, please contact us at 804-430-9955 or send us an inquiry.

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