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Tips to Prepare Your Roof Before the Summer Storm

summer storms damage

Summer storms in the USA aren’t a new thing. This weather woe has been causing destruction for years now. This can be due to the strong winds, rain, thunder, lightning, and hail. It has the potential to cause a lot of damage and destruction to your property, crops, and livestock. Summer storms can be hurricanes with wind speeds of more than 100 mph. It is often accompanied by lightning and thunderstorms. There can also be tornadoes that flood your house or cause tons of damage to your property.

Having a well-maintained house is key to remaining safe during a storm. This includes having a strong roof over your head to help maintain the structural integrity of the building. This article offers vital tips to help protect your roof against summer storms.

Essential tips to prepare your roof for the summer storm

The first step to preparing for a storm is to keep your house clean from any loose items. It is also good practice to clean the gutters, engage in roof leak repair and make sure there are no tree branches growing close to your house. Summer storms and shingles go hand in hand. Here are few tips to prepare your roof:

  • Organize an annual inspection of your roof to detect any issues with your roof. The professionals have a keen eye to spot even the smallest issue, minor leaks, and protect the roofing. This is also a good way to ensure there are no cracked tiles or loose shingles.
  • A quick visual inspection by homeowners can also reveal a great deal about the state of the roof. In the case you spot damaged shingles; it is a good practice to perform minor maintenance if possible. Besides adding to the aesthetic value of the house this also serves to keep your roof intact in case of a storm.
  • Keeping your gutters clean and ensuring the flow of water on the roof is appropriate at all times. The rainwater should not be blocked with any dirt, debris, or leaves to ensure there is no standing water. The danger of clogged gutters increases tenfold in case of a storm; hence regular maintenance is crucial.
  • Tree branches in close proximity to the house and loose branches lying around pose great danger in the case of heavy storms. Trim the trees on your property and those in close proximity that pose a threat. It is also a good practice to keep your property clear of any loose branches.
  • Never postpone fixing the problems with your roof; a leaking roof can become a major issue, clogged gutters can cause floods in your house. Besides giving your house an unappealing look and feel it can also mean extensive damage in case of a storm.
  • Set aside a special budget for roof restoration; This is possible with a little research by getting in touch with the professionals and seeking information on their services and cost too. Having sufficient set aside works out perfectly to perform roof restoration on time.

Benefits of contacting roof contractors

A well-maintained house and roof is the ideal method of being prepared for a storm. It also works in your favor if you know when to expect the storm. This is easy to do by keeping an eye on the warnings from the Meteorology department. They tend to provide regular alerts along with sufficient warning of incoming storms. Keeping it in good shape pays off since it will keep you and your valuables protected when the storm hits. The short time after a storm is usually a time of chaos with high chances the power is down depending on the severity of the storm. It is a good practice to closely inspect your roof after a bad storm as well.

Trees maintenance is of equal importance to roof maintenance. RVA Roof and Tree are fully aware of this. We work hard to ensure the integrity of your roof is intact. Our services extend to helping you prepare for a storm and also help you fix the roof after a bad storm has wreaked havoc.

Some of the services we provide include trimming trees, pruning to reduce potential hazards from trees. repair, roof replacement; repairing storm damage, fixing leaks, shingles, sags, and more. At RVA Roof and Tree we strive to assure customer satisfaction and take pride in our prompt service. We bring over 30 years of experience to our roof restoration service and always go the extra mile to keep your roof intact. You can contact us for a free quote for roof restoration.

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